Day 2: Virginia Beach to Wilmington, NC

Today started off very chilly. Being so close to the beach made for a very windy and cold day. At the start of each day we find out the people we will be riding with and which leg. Each day you ride with a different group of people and different support drivers. Today I was on Team 2 (Leg 2) with Brian Satola, Kim Rosborough, Keely Ireland, and Heather Gordan. Krissy Kraczkowsky and Meg Fitzgibbons were our support drivers today. After our ritual dedication circle, Team 1 set out on a century ride right out of the parking lot of the hotel. Yep…that would be 100 miles they were about to cover on this very windy day. They are a remarkable group of individuals.


Day 2, Team 2 Brian Satola, Heather Gordon, Julie Lanahan, Keely Ireland & Kim Roborough

Team 2 Packed up our bikes and gear and headed to our starting point, Columbia, NC. On our way we stopped at a Starbucks and also picked up some Virginia lottery scratch off tickets. Krissy and Kim won! Ok, so it was only $2 in winnings but it was fun. Once we reached Columbia, we realized it was going to be a tough day. It was cold and very windy! Our route was rather flat. One might think that would be a great thing, but actually we were craving a hill. With the whole route being flat and with it being windy that meant we needed to constantly pedal. No coasting down hills to give your legs a break. At one point we came across a bridge and we were all exciting to climb the hill to the top because that meant we could coast down the backside.

Lottery fun at Starbucks

Lottery fun at Starbucks

Lessons learned today…riding in windy conditions is extremely hard. I may never complain about riding up hills. At least your legs get a break when you get to the top. Riding straight flat roads seems great but is extremely tiring. Brain taught me how to stand up on my bike and pedal. Once I figured it out, it felt like I had just taken off my training wheels. You know…that “look at me, mom!” moment. It was awesome!


Day 2 Complete…57 miles in the middle of nowhere


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